Secrets of a Sound Night

Secrets of a Sound Night

We all want sound sleep; however, sleep deprivation is a problematic issue spreading among populations old and young, so what are the secrets of a sound night sleep?

I will explore and discover the secrets of feeling refreshed, revived and set to handle life’s obstacles…

What triggers the absence of sleep in the first place?

Disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnoea have been the leading reasons for sleep deprivation. In addition, these conditions have been related to stress, obesity and high blood pressure, to name a few.

Though a periodic about of sleeping disorders is usual, persistent sleep deprivation can result in severe disease and even injury.

Sleep deprivation has been credited to thousands of vehicle accidents, task mishaps and impaired decision-making.

Sleep-denied individuals tend to be frequently angry and irritable; thus, their behaviour is often profoundly influenced by the unfavourable results of sleep deprivation.

Sleep deprivation can be attributed to a variety of causes consisting of:


High Paced Lifestyle

Poor Eating Habits

Physiological Sleep Disorders

Shift Work


Lost production time, accidents and physician costs are rising as many people struggle with sleep issues. In addition, research studies suggest that most of the population is chronically sleep-deprived.

What is it that sleep does for us?

The best way to think about sleep is as the body’s “downtime”. Like our computer systems must go offline to be fixed, so must our bodies. During this “downtime,” the body restores tissue, grows bone and muscle and strengthens the immune system.

Sleep is essential for brain cells to regrow and body systems to recover from everyday work.

Sleep also renews the body, mind and spirit, prepping you for the difficulties you will deal with daily.

Secrets of a Sound Night – Three phases of sleep

We cycle through three sleep phases each night: light sleep, deep sleep and Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM). Each of these phases is essential, but the last stage is critical.

Deprivation of this last of sleep can seriously decrease our health and productivity, making us increasingly vulnerable to accidents and methodical conditions.

During deep sleep, brain activity that manages feelings, decision-making processes, and social interaction shuts down. Missing these essential sleep locations deprives our body of the possibility of rejuvenating our skin and organs.

We genuinely do not know everything that does occur in sleep right now. However, we know enough to recognize that without it, the body degrades along with the mind.

Uncertain if you are among the thousands of people experiencing sleep deprivation?

Take our sleep difficulty test.

Sleep Test for Sound Nights

Do you drop off to sleep within a minute or more of lying down?

Do you have a difficult time keeping in mind apparent details?

Would you describe your health as bad?

Do you often discover yourself lethargic?

Are you often moody, tearful or upset?

Do you feel distressed or groggy?

If you answered yes to any of these concerns, there is a possibility that you might not be getting a great night’s rest.

Secrets of a Sound Night Sleep

So what do you do if you are one of the countless chronically sleep-deprived beings wandering the earth?

You can require numerous actions to guarantee a great night’s sleep.

You can even get a good night’s sleep on just a few hours of quality rest every night. So, there is hope no matter who you are or what you do.

Effective sleepers have understood for many years that there are tricks to sleeping well.

Secrets of a Sound Night – A few of the more common methods employed for sound nights consist of the following:

Creation of a bedtime routine.

Use of a bedroom sanctuary.

Very little stimulation late at night.

Avoidance of excessive stimulants a few hours before bedtime.

Minimal alcohol usage approximately 2 hours before bedtime.

The key to a great night’s sleep is finding what works for you and sticking with it.

Remember, an excellent night’s sleep is well worth the small effort required to produce a regimen. A life that is recharged and restored is worth living.

If you are struggling to have a good night sleep and want to discuss strategies, book a Free Discovery Call with me today. 

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