Executive Coaching Programme


Helping leaders and professionals reach their full potential

My passion for mentoring and coaching is driven by the commitment to help professionals and leaders like you find clarity in your life and work. Mentoring and coaching are powerful tools that provide invaluable guidance and support.

My commitment to helping others find clarity in their lives and work showcases a dedication to their success and growth.

Avoid Burnout
More Purpose
Better Habits
Clearer Goals

How this programme works

It’s about creating a space where individuals can explore their goals, challenges, and aspirations in a supportive environment.

Through mentorship and coaching, I can offer insights, strategies, and encouragement that empower others to navigate their professional journeys more confidently and purposefully.

My passion for this work stems from a desire to see others thrive and achieve their full potential whilst avoiding pitfalls like burnout.


The 12 Session Programme

Target-Oriented Guidance

Tailored programme designed to align with your specific targets and goals.

Passion Rediscovery

Techniques and exercises to reignite passion and motivation in your professional and personal pursuits.

Customised Approach

Personalised guidance crafted to suit your individual needs and challenges.

Project Management Support

Strategies to efficiently handle projects amidst various work pressures.

Stress Management

Tools and methods to navigate and alleviate work-related pressures.

Clarity and Focus

Frameworks to help you gain clarity and focus on essential aspects of your work and life.

Holistic Development

Supporting professional and personal growth for a balanced approach to success.

Accountability and Progress Tracking

Establishing accountability structures and tracking mechanisms to ensure progress towards your objectives.

This program is dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of life, providing tools and strategies that help manage your goals and nurture your passion and enthusiasm along the way.

Why ME?

Beyond individual growth, I aim to support a society that cherishes resilience, optimism, and purpose in overcoming life’s challenges

It takes time to identify the root issue – sometimes, we think one thing is the problem when another is. When issues are identified, we need to work on accepting them and finding a way to deal with them effectively. Then, we can look into the future and embed relevant habits to achieve the goal.

Where I have a master’s in leadership and management, and this programme is based on my own experience. At 47, I had a TIA (Transient ischaemic attack) or mini-stroke.

Moving steadily, we can make real progress and avoid what I suffer.
We can foster an environment where each contributes to and benefits from this collective spirit of strength and purpose.

What Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

An Executive Life Coach and Mentor helps leaders and professionals reach their full potential by providing guidance, support, and strategies to improve their personal and professional lives.

Life coaching primarily focuses on setting and achieving goals, personal development, and creating positive change. Therapy or counselling deals with deeper emotional and psychological issues.

I specialise in well-being, mental health, target setting, and GROWTH models to help leaders overcome challenges and achieve their desired outcomes.

I help clients identify the signs of burnout, create work-life balance, set boundaries, and develop stress management strategies to prevent and manage executive burnout.

The GROW model stands for Goal, Reality, Options, and Will. It’s a structured framework to facilitate coaching conversations, helping clients define goals, explore their current reality, generate options, and commit to action.

Executive coaching can improve leadership skills, enhance decision-making, increase self-awareness, and boost overall performance, ultimately leading to more successful leadership in the workplace.

Coaching is beneficial for both individuals facing challenges and successful leaders. It helps everyone continually grow and improve their personal and professional lives.

The duration varies depending on the individual’s goals and needs. Coaching can range from a few sessions to several months, with periodic progress assessments. My initial programme run for 12 weeks for the highest results.

I am a Fellow of the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M). I adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines, ensuring that all discussions and information shared during coaching sessions are kept private and secure.

You can expect a supportive and collaborative environment where we work together to set and achieve your goals. We’ll use proven strategies and tools to help you make meaningful progress in your life and career. 

Ready to take control of your career and your life?

Are you prepared to seize the reins of your career, steering it toward success while simultaneously taking command of the various aspects of your life, shaping them into the fulfilling tapestry you envision?

Shape your life and not let your life shape you!