Perfectionist! How do you define one, and are you one?

What is a Perfectionist? Perfectionist! How do you define one, and are you one?

Perfectionism is specified as a meticulous drive to attain excellence.

You may ask yourself, “Am I a perfectionist?”

Perfectionism’ is a most widespread belief in our modern civilisation.

Note that I used the word ‘belief.

Everywhere in our world, perfectionism is regarded as preferable and outstanding. But, at the same time, imperfection is deemed inadequate or harmful. This is because everyone wants everyone else to be ideal, but is this realistic?

So, is being a perfectionist excellent or bad?

Since it is strongly considered positive, is perfectionism truly an outright or universal worth?

In my viewpoint, it is not so.

To me, it is relative and is born of human conception. Excellence is a concept. It is an idea of a perceived ideal state of affairs. However, things are the method they are. For every single circumstance, the truth is what is at each instance. Perfection and flaw are, for that reason, merely connected worths.

I am not suggesting that perfectionism is terrible. Perfectionism can cast a controlling web over our expression of joy. One can reach the required objective with or without being a perfectionist. To be a perfectionist, on the other hand, leaves little space to accept and love oneself unconditionally when a wanted objective is not fulfilled. And when our desires are unmet, we feel unhappy or can not be completely satisfied.

Perfectionism has been linked to burnout, and you can read more at

Here is a sound clip of it.

What do you think?

Nevertheless, we only have each minute of today’s moment to live in. By being a perfectionist, our mind will be forever believing, planning about the future or lamenting what failed in the past.

Because of these propensities, numerous perfectionists cannot feel complete satisfaction because, in their understanding, they never appear to do things well enough to require that sensation of joy.

From this, we can see a paradox of life. That is:

” How can one have the best peace, happiness and self-love when one is a perfectionist? “

Can perfectionism be classified as an illness?

And again!

What is a Perfectionist?

Perfectionism is defined as a meticulous drive to attain quality. All over the world, perfectionism is related to excellence and desirable, while flaw is deemed inadequate or harmful. I am not suggesting that perfectionism is not significant. Perfectionism can cast a managing web over our expression of joy.

If anything, remember this.

You are good enough!

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