Goals Or Dreams -Where Are You Now With Them?

As we enter what I would call a strange month, a month of nothing, a forgotten month, I am speaking of October, a time for us all to look at our goals or are they only dreams?

The days are officially shorter than the nights, well, in Bristol, United Kingdom, where I am for sure. The weather is deteriorating faster than one can think, and the news is bleak with all the daily shortages we hear about and so many negative thoughts. Some are already talking about a brutal winter for us all. There is no need to be into politics to listen to them; try to live a “normal” life, and it all jumps into your face.

We are between two festive seasons and waiting for what I ask you.

Some of you reminisce about the summer, still got the credit card to clear, and fear for the next one, wanting to meet everyone’s expectations for Christmas, something which may well prove difficult the way things are going.

As a life coach, I suggest to my clients that I use this period of the year to reflect a little, reassess goals and see whether they are just dreams and will only be dreams. Or whether they are goals still on course to be achieved.

Can you turn dreams into goals?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Firstly you need to define dreams-what is the difference between a goal and a dream?

Dreams are something you create in your mind that can take any shape or form, while goals are based on action. With goals, a lot of focus and attention is needed. On the other hand, dreams don’t need that kind of focus. You can sit for hours and dream without doing a single thing about it. You may want to read more about this. Here is a link

So, are you dreaming, or are you setting yourself goals?

Only you can answer this question and suggest you spend a little time on it; look inward, trying to convince yourself. When reflecting, it is effortless to sway towards what we have and not question ourselves. The human being loves the status quo and prefers to stay gloomy to change things.

Now can you turn those dreams into goals and work through the ups and down in achieving them?

Yes, you can! With the right mindset, you can achieve goals and reach your dreams. We all have the power to do so; however, many people think it is out of their reach.

Why do I ask you? Where do you come up with this?

Let’s dive into it and establish once and for all what’s needed to be successful in whatever way we define success. Successful people have many things in common and many similarities that they live by and apply daily. Many books have been written on the subject, and many have views.

In my view, the most common ones are the following; of course, this is not exhaustive, and you may have opinions too.

Sleep hygiene

It is well documented that most successful people do raise early. However, this doesn’t mean they skip a good night’s sleep. Not many people can survive on little sleep. The key to having a good bedtime routine is going up at a very similar time every night and aiming for the same amount of sleep. A good indication of how much sleep you need is the amount you are averaging during holidays when you don’t need to get up for work etc. the average human needs about seven hours per night to function effectively.


You may have heard the saying, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”, from Benjamin Franklin. Well, successful people are organised. This may take a different form or shape, but ultimately, people with goals have a plan. Some may plan once a week, preparing for the next week. Some may make a “to-do list” every night for the day after.


Another equally important thing is making time for relaxation. Some meditate, some do yoga some just focus on putting “me time” in their busy schedule. But, of course, this is better achieved when you are organised to start with.


Successful people take action. It is all very well to plan, be organised etc. If you fail to take action, it is all for nothing. Procrastination is detrimental to being successful. Reaching decisions promptly and taking appropriate action is key to success.

Personal care

Personal care concerning diet, exercise, and hygiene comes next in the habits of successful people. It doesn’t mean you must follow a strict regime or intensive training programme; however, feeling good about yourself is vital. A positive body and mind are easier to manage, giving free time and energy to focus on the most important things.

Positive attitude

According to many successful people, having a positive attitude is not just a result of success – it’s one of the root causes of success. Something I advocate too. Positive talk with yourself and acknowledging gratitude where possible contribute to achieving success.


Frugal is not the same as tight-fisted. Frugality is a thrifty habit, with money, resources and everything else they come across. It is also a habit of being economical, which is lacking in the society

we are now living in. Learning to be economical comes through avoiding waste, and being sustainable, which automatically results in efficiency in what we do.

Most successful people avoid overspending. Instead, they comparison-shop and negotiate. The result is financial success through the simple act of saving more money than they spend.


It’s important to note that successful people read. But, while they also read for pleasure, most use their reading habit to gain knowledge or insight into something of interest. So, although reading and learning are high, they prioritise development.

So, are you dreaming, or are you working towards your goals?

Most people have habits – some are positive, and some are not. However, successful people tend to have more of the kinds of patterns that contribute to their success. So, when reflecting, how many from the list above are already embedded in your life?

For those who wish to be successful, the good news is that cultivating positive habits takes no more effort than developing bad ones. First, you need to identify the ones stopping you from reaching your goals and keep you dreaming.

Some of the best habits of successful people involve only conscious effort, like getting up early every day. Others, such as becoming organised, may take a little more skill and practice but ultimately result in the most desired outcome – success.

You will always have a certain amount of self-doubt, which is why we, life coaches, have become entirely instrumental in many lives of successful people. We cannot only define goals and dreams for our clients but also help them focus on what is most important to them, regardless of how successful they are or wish to become.

If you ask yourself questions during this strange month, this month of nothing, and don’t have the answers get in touch with me through any of the ways below

I would be more than happy to discuss your dreams and see whether, with the appropriate support, we can turn them into goals-your goals!

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