Limitations – how to deal with your own!

Limitations – how to deal with your own!

The only person powerful enough to stop you from achieving is you and always has been.

You stop moving past something limiting you when you stand in your way.

We all have our limitations or what we think are our limits to progress.
How we deal with them is vital to our success.

As we reflect on the first six months of the year, analyse what we achieved, what might have been, and what is next. I just finished reading Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill: It is a fantastic book, and I highly recommend it, and it will make you think.

Are you happy with your journey so far?

This is a good question which I ask during coaching training.

Limitations – how to deal with your own! You limit yourself by buying into the lies often perpetrated on us through society, education, religion and other structured institutions. But, whatever they say, you can always decide on something that will stop you from pursuing more. Let us face it. There is plenty to choose from these days without looking too far. Within our professional lives, so much can limit us from growing. People feel they have reached a plateau and are happy with it. From then on, most resent accepting this as it is.

What do you desire to create? For yourself? For your life? For your business?

Are you creating that wish you desire for yourself?

If yes, are you creating it as much as you would like?

Or would you like it to be greater?

So many people can achieve way more than they realise, but inner demons creep in and negatively question everything. Better still, they listen to the doom and gloom and use it as an excuse. Barriers before us are, most of the time, unjustified.

If you are not creating everything you would like, it is time to eliminate the barriers and limitations stopping you. It’s time to put a lid on these inner demons and look at your emotional intelligence.

Here are a few tips to help you move past the confines:

Limitations – how to deal with your own!

First, acknowledge what you have created and achieved to date.

Most of us are very good at passing judgment on ourselves. Contrary to what many say, judging oneself doesn’t inspire you to create more. It attains the opposite of considering your limits and stops you from moving forward. Rather than looking at what you have not made, acknowledge what you have. You will be empowered to do more and create more from that acknowledgement, with the added measure to be more. You are not where you are by accident, but why stop now? So, step back and see what you have. We all must reflect from time to time on our lives as business owners in the last quarter.

I am keen on this during my coaching sessions as most professionals get so wrapped up in day-to-day life events.

Get clear on what you desire.

Have you ever asked yourself what you desire, wish, or want? I am not talking about dreams here but possible things. Most of us look at the people around us when considering what we desire and value. We take stock of their lives, what they choose, what they say is valuable, and what they say we should want. With the rise of social media, where some post how wonderful their life is, it can be challenging to remember what we want for ourselves, our true selves. There is a lot of peer pressure, too, in certain circles.

Stop looking at what others say you should desire, want or have and be honest with yourself.

What is it that you would like?

What would you choose if you could have, do, or be anything?

Once you are clear on this, set those things as your targets. When your targets are your targets and no one else, you are much more likely to reach them. However, they need to be small and achievable to see results. So think BIG, act small!

Ask questions and change anything you don’t like.

All of our lives, we are taught to look for answers. But it’s questions that create change, not the answer. So, this is what we executive life coaches and mentors do: we ask questions. We challenge the status quo. When you ask questions, you go beyond limitations and open the door to new possibilities.

Ask, “What else is possible for me to do today?” always!

No matter what is going on, ask questions. Ask for new possibilities. Ask what else is possible that you have not considered. Then, ask and watch what shows up. We all know about the power of networking, and if there is one reason to do so, probe and keep probing until you are satisfied with it. In Napoleon’s book, he refers to the Mastermind.

Remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t get it. This is relevant in this context.

Limitations – how to deal with your own! Take action on your limitations.

Create is an action word. For things to show up, doing is required. Nothing comes to those who wait on the sideline. What if you woke up every morning and asked, “If I were creating the life I desire, what would I choose?” And, “What action is required today to create the life I desire right away?”

When you ask these questions, don’t look for an answer. Instead, when you ask these questions, look for awareness.

What is awareness?

Do you know those times when you know something?

Some people call it intuition or gut feeling. Hill refer to it as the sixth sense. Regardless of your name, it’s where you feel something so strongly, even if you don’t have all the facts and information. Awareness is one of your greatest strengths.

When you ask questions such as “What action is required?” you will have a sense of something. Something will pop. An idea. A person to talk to. Whatever that is, do it as this steers to more incredible things.

Always ask for more, and do not limit yourself.

Many of us have been taught that asking for more means we are not grateful and that asking for more is wrong. If you buy this point of view, you will limit yourself dynamically. From the place of gratitude, always ask for more. Make your demands bigger, and don’t dilute your desire just because someone tells you; you should be satisfied with what you have. Reaching further and wanting more out of life (your life!) should never be something you must excuse or apologise for.

Today is a good day to begin.

Are there times when you say, “When this happens, then I can do this…”? For example, “When I lose weight, I can exercise.” Or “When I get my university degree, I can have the career I desire.”

Now, ask yourself this.

When you leave your house, do you wait for all of the traffic lights to turn green before you go?” No! You leave the house, get in the car, drive, and navigate your way through.

Start to live your life this way, like you already have what you desire. All lights may not be green, but don’t let that keep you from starting. It is a journey worth pursuing. Of course, obstacles will come and go, but nothing is better than being on that path.

Limitations – how to deal with your own! No one is more powerful than you when creating the life and business you want.

So first, choose to acknowledge your brilliance. Then, clarify what you want to create. Everything starts with a desire; if you think about it, you are already prepared to achieve it.

Ask questions, always.

Take action.

Ask more questions.

Take more action.

Today is the perfect time to start.

Get in touch today, and book your Free 45-minute Discovery Call with me to discuss and positively deal with your limitations.

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